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Truth Or Dare Cost Me My Relationship And My Dignity

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Hello, I am Ritu! The story I am going to narrate is my own and happened recently. To describe me, I am a decent girl, very competitive, still doing my first year. I have a cute face, and fair skin,

Hello, I am Ritu! The story I am going to narrate is my own and happened recently. To describe me, I am a decent girl, very competitive, still doing my first year. I have a cute face, and fair skin, but I have a flat ass and small boobs and I am 5’3.  I get a lot of proposals in my college, but I am in a committed relationship with Ram who is in another section.

Ram is also decent just like me. We both are virgins and we’ve never done anything extreme in the relationship. We’re together for almost 1 year and we’ve kissed like some 3-4 times, not more than 2 minutes.

Also, we both didn’t want to take it too far or ahead. As we both were committed to each other, we wanted to wait till marriage or for the right time, when we were ready.

And this is my first relationship. Because I was always scared of dating and meeting the wrong person, but Ram seemed to understand me so we kinda worked it out.

Me and 4 other girls were having a girl’s night at my friend’s place, as her parents were out of town. These were my classmates. And I knew some girls in the group were jealous of the attention I get in college, my grades, and my relationship. I could see the envy and evil intent in their eyes, but again, everyone is like this, so I don’t bother so much. But these bitches knew my competitive nature and tried to use it against me. And I was a victim of my own doing.

So, we were playing truth or dare and the game was going pretty well for me as I had no secrets and I was open about it. But Priya gave me a dare that changed my life. She dared me to not wear panties for a whole day tomorrow and I like an idiot agreed!

They were all laughing and I didn’t understand why because, how hard is it not wear a panty? I do it all the time at home.

But later it hit me. I had to go to college tomorrow and I couldn’t skip because I had to submit my assignment. And on top of all it, tomorrow was a Friday and we must wear the college uniform every Friday which was bad luck and super embarrassing for me. Because my college uniform is a freaking skirt! It means I walked straight into their trap.

Then I begged them to give me another dare and they stamped on my ego by telling “she doesn’t have the guts”, and “she is just like some orthodox girl” and that kinda triggered me and I took up the dare.

I am too embarrassed and ashamed to even write this story. But like a dumbass, I did it and I didn’t tell my boyfriend about this. Because I knew he wouldn’t approve.

So, I usually took the college bus and I was waiting for the bus, all scared. Finally, the bus came and I boarded the bus. My friend sat next to me and she asked, “Did you do it?” And I answered her with a nod.

She then asked me to prove it and I was like –

Me: Are you fucking crazy?! How am I gonna do that? Just wait till we get to college and I will prove it in the washroom.

Then she told me: No, a lot can happen. You might sneak your panty off and bla-bla. Prove it right now. Lift your skirt a little and I will make sure no one is looking.

And I was out of options. I made it so far. I was brave and doing so something extreme for the first time in my life. I kind of lifted it. Then she got a glimpse of my hair. She was satisfied and gave the other friends a thumbs up to show that I had done it.

I was so relieved after this and all I had to is get through the day without anyone noticing me. And the disaster struck as we reached the college!

As we were getting off the bus, I failed to realize that my skirt was lodged in my butt as I was not wearing any panties. I didn’t notice it till I walked a little away from the bus. When I realized it, my face turned red with shame and embarrassment.

Then I turned around to see if anyone noticed it. But I was relieved that no one acknowledged it and went on with my business.

Then I met my boyfriend at the entrance, greeted him, and we spoke for 5 minutes. He then left to be with his friends and I decided to go to my class. My class was on the 4th floor and there was no lift. So, we had to use the stairs.

When I was on the 3rd floor, I heard someone call my name and I stopped to see who it was. It was a junior and all I knew about that guy was, he was on the same bus as me.

His name was Vignesh and I heard some junior girls gossiping about him that he was a pervert and he didn’t look girls in their eyes and his eyes were always on the assets of the girls.

Now, let me describe his physical appearance. He was around 5’10”-5’11” kind of fat and dark and always sweaty kind of ugly. His calling got me surprised. What he wanted from me? I never spoke or intended to speak with that guy.

Then he came toward me and told me –

He: I know.

And I was like: Know what?

He just whispered, “panty” and my eyes just widened with fear and anxiety! And he could see that. Then I told him –

Me: I don’t know what you are talking about and I am late for class.

Then he held my hand and told me –

He: You know exactly what I am talking about. I saw you getting off the bus and I was kind of doubtful. Then I followed you and I got a glimpse of your ass from the first floor when you were on the second-floor staircase.

was in shock that the disaster had taken place. Then I told him to mind his business and it was all his imagination. Then he told me –

He: Okay, I will lift your skirt in front of everyone. If you are wearing panty, you have nothing to worry about, and if you’re not?

It shocked me to my bones. I couldn’t speak a word and he told me –

He: I will go approach your boyfriend and tell him that you are a slut and I don’t have to do anything to prove it because you are not wearing any panty.

And he was laughing thinking he trapped a girl. I was shocked and requested him to keep his mouth shut. Then I tried explaining to him that this was a dare and I was not that kind of girl. My eyes were a little watery.

Then he told me: Be quiet and skip the first hour and come to the terrace. We will discuss it there.

Like a dumbass, I agreed and skipped class and went to the terrace.

Me: I will do all your assignments and homework if you keep this a secret.

Then he told me: A beautiful girl like you is not meant to do homework, didi.

Omg! It embarrassed me and I was thinking to myself –

Me (thinking): How did I get myself into this stupid situation? Why did I do the dare? What am I doing on the terrace with this ugly guy who is 1 year younger than me?

I was ashamed of myself and asked him –

Me: What can I do to make you forget the situation?

He told me: I can overlook the situation if you let me squeeze your boobs.

Then I said: No.

And he asked me to let him spank my ass 3 times and I lost it when he said that.

Me: Even my boyfriend hasn’t touched my boobs or ass till this moment. What makes you think I would let you do it?

He told me that he would tell my bf the slutty things I was doing.

And then I again apologized, calmed myself down, and told him –

Me: I don’t want your hands on me.

Then he told me: Okay, fine. Then, show me your pussy. I won’t touch it but just show it. Because I have never seen a pussy in my life and I am really curious.

This again chilled my bones as no guy had seen me naked till date. And my junior guy was telling me to do it.

Me: I am not doing that (with a tear down my cheek).

Then he told me: It’s okay, then just kiss me on the cheek and I will kiss you on your cheek and we both will forget about this. We’ll move on with our life.

Then I thought to myself that this was the second guy I was kissing. And I just hope my bf could forgive me and he wouldn’t know about this.

Again, I thought to myself, no one would believe that this ugly guy and I had done this. Why would a girl like me even do something like this? I was kind of over confident and I just wanted to get through the day and I agreed.

Then he told me to close my eyes and find his cheek with my eyes closed. I thought he had some weird fetish and I agreed. What I didn’t realize was that he kept his phone down to record the whole thing. I was such an idiot, I know.

I found his cheek and kissed it and I was smiling because this nightmare was about to end. But in the camera, it looked like I was smiling because I liked kissing him and then it was his turn.

The shady fucker held my face and kissed me on the lips. And to my bad luck, when I was breaking free from him, a gust of wind blew my skirt and it exposed my bare ass and the camera recorded that too!

Then I broke the kiss and told him to keep away from me and we were done. He told me –

He: Sorry, I have never kissed a girl before.

So, this was his first and we were good.

Me: It is okay, but this cannot go out.

(Because my reputation in college will go down if I was even seen talking to this pervert and let alone kissing him.)

So I told him: It’s okay, but we’ll end it here.

And then I went to class. That night, I got a video from an unknown number. That video was the very video that was shot on the terrace and it was from that fucking pervert.

Vignesh with a message telling: Cute ass, meet me tomorrow, slut.

*I have changed the names to protect my identity*

Part 2 will be out soon.

If any of you had faced something like this, I want to talk to you. You can reach out to me through the mail.