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Sex on the campus

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“I can’t just book them for asking for your introduction,” said Ashu ma’am, putting down her glasses. She had called all the boys of MCA 1st year to the faculty office to discuss ragging.

“I can’t just book them for asking for your introduction,” said Ashu ma’am, putting down her glasses. She had called all the boys of MCA 1st year to the faculty office to discuss ragging.

I was the last one left after she excused all the other students. I was trying to tell her that they made us masturbate. But I felt embarrassed to say it directly. So I folded and rolled my handkerchief to resemble a dick, then moved my fist around it.

Her reaction was unexpected. She smiled, thinking that I was telling stories. Finally, giving me a chance, she said to close the door. I showed her what had happened. I was nervous and excited at the same time.

Ashu ma’am would be the first female to see me masturbate. I was lucky enough to have a live model in front of me while doing hand practice. She was only 6 years older, with a slim figure and above-average height of 5’6”.

Big brown eyes that looked sexy, along with pale (ghostly white) skin. What made her irresistible were the kajal in her eyes and the lipstick. To complete the look, she had hoop earrings till the jawline and flattened hair tied in a bun.

She noticed I was stealing glances at her instead of telling the details. We were standing close to the table. She turned around to take a phone call. A sweet smell was coming from her smooth back.

No wonder her boyfriend had married her when she was barely 20. It was rumoured that she wasn’t a divorcee. Her husband had gone to Wellington. But she didn’t wear any maang tika or wedding ring.

By this time, I was ready to masturbate. My cock was semi-erect, and I pulled down my zip to show her how it happened. A tent was visible in my Frenchie when she interrupted me.

Prof. Ashu: I have to go.

Me: When should I come back?

Prof. Ashu: After lunch, in the library.

I couldn’t wait till then. My cock was so hard that I couldn’t even jack off. The moment I touched it, I was overcome with erotic sensations. At last, the time came, and I went to the library.

Professor Ashu was standing near the reference section. On seeing her, my cock again stood up in attention. This time it was visible. Somehow hiding the erection, I approached her.

Me: Ma’am, you called me here.

Prof. Ashu: come with me.

She took me to the second floor, where magazines were kept. It was strictly a teacher’s only. We sat down on the sofa and picked up the latest magazines. She had removed her cardigan. But still looked adorable in a pure white chudidar and kurta with a green chunni.

I’d completely forgotten about ragging, and something different was happening in my mind. I was thinking of making out with Ashu ma’am when I heard snapping fingers. She was trying to say something.

Prof. Ashu: do you like me?

Me: Ya, kind of.

Prof. Ashu: Then show me

I couldn’t believe my ears. I jumped up and kissed her. Professor Ashu’s carves felt perfect. She had good boobs though it looked like her chest was flat from a distance. Her hair was coloured reddish-brown with henna.

But otherwise, she looked good. She broke free from my grip and led me to the back. I held her from behind as we spoke.

Prof. Ashu: You can call me Ashu when we’re alone.

Me: And you can call me by my pet name, Viren

I felt her waist from inside the kurta. It was soft like butter. Then I took out my cock and proceeded with the lo pending task. As I was jerking, I buried my face in her neck and smelt her hair from behind.

Within no time, I started cumming in spurts. I opened Ashu’s hair to see its length. It reached her belly button easily. There was nowhere to cum, so I deposited my semen in Ashu’s hair.

She asked me why it felt sticky, and I told her what I’d done. She asked me to bring condoms next time and tied her hair in a bun. That evening she called me to her house. She looked like a sex kitten in a pair of denim shorts.

She had crimped her hair, creating a lot of movement. When I reached, no one was around (except the two of us). It was a small house at the end of a road. It looked very romantic at first, but I had my doubts.

Viren: What if your husband comes?

Ashu: He’s out of the country

With that settled, I looked at Ashu. Suddenly she looked even more attractive than before.

Viren: You look like a young girl.

Ashu: I am a young girl!

She had had enough of my gossip because she held my face and gave me a lip kiss to prevent me from saying anything. This gave me time to admire her hoop earrings. They were 3 inches across and reached past the jawline.

Her hair was fluffy after the spa treatment, and her lips coloured brilliant red. Nails (including toenails) matched the lip colour. At last, I asked with curiosity:

Viren: You could’ve used a sober colour for your lips.

Ashu: It’s inked. That’s why I put dull colours while teaching.

Frankly, she looked sexy no matter what colour nail polish or lipstick she used. With nothing else to do, I started browsing channels on TV. Ashu came and settled in my lap. She was wearing a white sweater.

I thought she was feeling cold until I reached inside the sweater. Touching her boobs, I realized she was not wearing anything under the sweater. They were round and firm like rubber balls.

As I was rubbing her cleavage, her nipples became hard. I felt them on my chest, and my cock stood up involuntarily. Ashu massaged my crotch and blew hot air through my jeans into the sensitive private area.

Finally, she squeezed my cock hard for a few seconds. When she let go, my dick was up in attention. We removed our clothes to make love. Beneath the shorts, she was wearing a thong.

I inserted my fingers under it and rubbed her pussy to make her wet. She licked my cock before I wore a condom. Her warm mouth felt like heaven, and I never realized I’d closed my eyes in pleasure. Ashu’s shaved cunt was silky-smooth. I inserted from behind as she was on all fours, twerking.

Once my cock was lodged securely inside her vagina, I held her firmly by the waist and pumped her from behind. I paused to press her boobs. Ashu started moving back and forth so that I could keep my hands on her chest.

I don’t know when she got her orgasm. But I couldn’t control it for longer than 10 minutes. I tightened my grip on her body to cum into the condom. She stopped moving and embraced me, saying in a sexy tone:

Ashu: I love you, Viren!