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Dating Cousins

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‘Smitten’ was the only word to explain my reaction after seeing her. I’d seen her earlier when she was younger, but she looked definitely attractive that day. I felt ashamed at first because we we

‘Smitten’ was the only word to explain my reaction after seeing her. I’d seen her earlier when she was younger, but she looked definitely attractive that day. I felt ashamed at first because we were distant relatives.

Though I was a bachelor, Urmila was much younger than me. At 36, I was an ‘age bar’ groom, and she had just completed her degree (too young to be married).

I’d heard from people that she was very pretty, but I never imagined she would be so beautiful. She was athletic (5’8” tall, 34C-26-34), with light brown eyes and an extremely fair complexion. I’d gone to the backyard for a smoke when she approached me with a coffee glass.

I tried to hide the cigarette in my hand, but in my hurry, I’d forgotten to put it out. She giggled when she saw my plight and covered her smile.

Urmi: No need to hide it. Your mom made coffee.

Vinod: Thanks, And by the way, congrats.

Urmi: it’s not mine, my sister’s marriage.

Vinod: I mean for the campus selection.

She thanked me, but something was missing. I made a mental note to investigate further. Urmila and her father had come from the village to give us the wedding card. Since it was noon, my mother had asked them to have lunch.

I kept staring at Urmi while eating. So much so that my mom had to send me out with an excuse. I had an appointment at a unisex saloon the following day, but I tried my luck anyway. It worked. They were able to prepone my facial.

The stylist had just applied cream to my face when Urmi walked in. Instantly I sat up. A male stylist opened her thick ponytail and ruffled her hair before making a suggestion. I heard something about ‘short bangs’.

When I returned, Urmi and her dad were still there. Her father was taking a nap while she was watching TV. My mom had gone to her bedroom to rest before the washerman came. It was late afternoon with sweltering heat outside.

I took the chance to ask Urmila if she liked doing the job. She didn’t want to do a night job and sleep during the day. “My parents will think I’m free in the daytime even if I’m working all night. They will still see matches for me, even though they themselves suggested that I should take a break for 1 or 2 years.”

Having no other option to tell her, I suggested that she should go for MBA. Her parents could easily afford it. She objected, saying that her mother would never agree to PG because it would become difficult to find a good match.

We kept talking the whole time till someone rang the doorbell. I went into my room upon hearing the bell, and Urmi was left in the hall.

Two weeks passed without incident. We went out of town to see girls, but none could match the carefree personality of Urmila. It was her sister’s marriage at the month’s end. I refused to go to Urmila’s elder sister’s wedding. People would ask awkward questions like what type of girl I wanted.

I agreed to go when my mom forced me to take her and stay till the end. Urmila was there looking like a beauty queen. I found every reason to talk to her. My heartbeat increased every time I saw her. She looked absolutely stunning in a green Punjabi dress.

Her silky straight hair was tied in a French braid, reaching her boobs. Eyes lined with kajal and juicy lips had a lipstick that evening. Her skin had a golden glow like she got a spa treatment recently.

Looking at Urmi, I decided to take a chance. Even if she refused, I would cherish her memory. She was very polite when I called her aside to discuss. I suggested that she should go for a computer course. I offered to help with a hostel in the city.

She simply laughed at the offer, saying her dad would most likely rent a house (if not buy one) and send her mother along to take care of her in the city. Plus, she asked whether I was thinking of making her a sugar baby.

I was prepared for the consequences and caught her hand, saying.

Vinod: I love you!

Urmi: You should’ve waited till my marriage!

Vinod: Don’t be angry.

She looked so cute in a temper that I couldn’t resist and kissed her cheek. Urmi said she worked hard to get me.

Vinod: Don’t you know my age?

Urmi: I don’t believe in all that.

We hugged tightly before kissing. Urmi and her parents came to our place before returning the next day. My mom wanted to exchange her gift, and Urmi’s parents also wanted to return unused sarees. They went in the car, leaving us at home. We were overjoyed and kissed freely.

Then it struck me that we could do anything while our parents were gone. Without asking, I carried Urmi to my room. She was shy to speak but otherwise ready for sex. I closed the curtains and undressed both of us. Her boobs were more beautiful than I’d imagined.

I got on top and inserted my member holding her soft shoulders. She was tight, giving me a tough time. I encountered resistance every time I tried. Blinded by passion, I showed strongly and reached into her cunt finally. Simultaneously, she screamed and bit my shoulder to stop the sound.

I thought she was acting till I saw blood on the bedsheet. Looking down, I understood that I’d taken her virginity. With her seal opened, she gave jerks to sync with my strokes.

We finished quickly, after cumming, to avoid being caught. I didn’t want to face anyone, so I called my friend to go out for drinks. Urmila asked when I would come to take her. I told her I would let her know soon. While going out, she called me, and I turned to listen.

Urmi: I love you, Vinod.