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The Ultimate Gangbang – Part 2

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The expression on Rahul’s face was embarrassed and curious. All the cum that had dripped from Shruti’s pussy was around his lips and on his beard from all the grinding.

The expression on Rahul’s face was embarrassed and curious. All the cum that had dripped from Shruti’s pussy was around his lips and on his beard from all the grinding.

He looked from Shruti to Lekha, still unsure what was happening. He then looked back at Lekha and asked, “Was this your plan?” Lekha, who by now had composed herself, no longer had a look of bewilderment but rather confidence.

She looked at Shruti and then back at Rahul and said, “Didn’t I tell you she is a Team Player?”  If surprised by Lekha’s lie, Shruti didn’t make it obvious. She looked at Rahul and tried to look coy.

Rahul was now excited again, “Well, well, well, I didn’t think miss goody pants ever had it in her. I am not going to lie. This is a pleasant surprise. The other senior partners and I have talked about banging you, but you seemed like the one who would run to HR. Man, am I going to be happy telling the others that you have one sweet cunt with nectar-like cum.”

Shruti was now surprised that this is how the senior partners were. She looked at Lekha, trying to see if she could figure out if Lekha had been with the rest of them. If Lekha had, she didn’t give it away.

Shruti now politely replied to Rahul, “You should have just made all the previous team-building exercises like this. I would have won every round there.”

Rahul was now busy staring at Shruti. All this while, he had only banged her in his head. He let out a sigh of triumph that clearly said she was much better in reality than his imagination. She was on the bed, but he could see the pinkness and wetness of the pussy in front of her.

Her tits were perfect, almost goddess-like. He realised that she hadn’t gotten any work done on them yet. Her nipples were perky, and her areolas tiny but dark. He said, “I like the front. Now turn around and show me that behind that, you were so skillfully rubbing against my face.”

Shruti knew that this was no time to be coy. She had never cheated on her husband. But she was so ambitious and driven that none of this seemed wrong. She quickly hopped, turned on the bed, and bent over to show her spotless and flawless, beautiful 38″ ass.

Rahul let another moan of joy. He said, “You and I need to start spending more time on projects now.” Rahul was still tied to the bed, but his voice had control. He looked at Lekha and asked her to move toward Shruti. “Show her your moves,” he said to Lekha.

She moved closer to Shruti and interlaced her legs with hers, adjusting her hips such that her pussy touched Shruti’s. “That’s my girl!” said Rahul. Lekha had now locked lips with Shruti, and both were gyrating their hips. They continued to do this.

Shruti had never been with another woman. This was very different, but she continued to enjoy herself. In about 5 minutes, both Lekha and Shruti had orgasmed. However, Rahul was still hard as fuck.

“Shruti, let’s see how well you handle a dick. Come here and lick my balls.” Shruti was no longer in the mindset about work. Now her carnal instincts had taken over. She loved her husband. They usually had sex 3 to 4 times a month. But it wasn’t exciting or something she looked forward to.

Today was different. This whole thing with Lekha and Rahul made her realise her sexual appetite. She now inched towards Rahul’s dick. Initially, when she had seen it, it seemed 5 inches long but thick. Now up closer, it looked extremely thick.

She could see his massive dick nerves. She was turned on even more. She instinctively spat on the dick and started stroking it and sucking on his balls. Rahul was now moaning uncontrollably. However, he hadn’t cum yet. Looking at him enjoying this, somehow, Lekha felt more competitive.

It seemed like a competition now. She got on top of Rahul, Placed her pussy in his mouth and joined Shruti in sucking the dick. This was getting intense now. Lekha was grinding her pussy hard on Rahul’s face. She was taking turns with Shruti to suck Rahul’s thick cock.

Rahul was moaning. He suddenly stopped and said, “Okay, that’s enough! Why don’t you bitches untie me now?” Maybe it was the commanding voice, but both Lekha and Shruti stopped immediately and untied Rahul.

Once he was up, he got out of the bed, looked at Shruti and told her. “Your mentor has taught you well. Honestly, I am surprised by you. Our 1-to-1’s are definitely increasing from now on. However, for tonight, I have promised my load to Lekha.”

Shruti didn’t know why but hearing this made her a little sad. Probably Rahul noticed that and continued, saying, “But don’t worry, while I’ll cum in Lekha, I’ll continue exploring you. Once I am done, you can clean up Lekha for dessert.”

Shruti was stunned, but Rahul had already held her and flipped her over by then. Her ass was now facing him. Lekha had voluntarily turned. Rahul was now inside Lekha. His thumb was in Shruti’s ass, and the index and middle finger in the pussy. He was thrusting his dick and his fingers.

Surprisingly, it was Shruti that cum first. She was shocked as she had never had such an intense orgasm. Lekha had two tiny orgasms right after, and finally, Rahul unloaded on Lekha. He moved aside and pointed Shruti to Lekha’s pussy. She now realised what he meant by dessert.

She had never done this before, but she was excited nonetheless. She took her mouth to Lekha’s cunt and cleared it all. Even turned her over to reach some of the load, but she couldn’t. And to top it all off, then went over to Rahul and licked him dry.

Rahul continued to moan as his sluts were busy cleaning his cum. Shruti was trying to lick him limp. But right next to her, Lekha was busy dipping her fingers in her cunt and finishing off the leftovers of Rahul that Shruti couldn’t get to. This sight made him hard again.

He pushed Shruti to the bed and, without saying a word got between her legs and started licking her wet cunt. All this excitement made her cum again, and Rahul licked it all. This was a feast for him. After mopping up all the wetness, he got his phone and started clicking pictures of Shruti.

She was a little shocked and tried to cover herself. He looked at her and said, “Why are you being shy? I will now see a lot more of you whenever I want. These pictures are for the benefit of others to let them see what they missed.”

Shruti realised she would now be the new white for all the senior partners. Rahul continued, “Now listen, my cunts. We got to freshen up and head down for dinner. We have a long week ahead, and we don’t want the others to wonder where the three of us have been for so long.”

Saying this, he walked towards the shower. Once he was in, Lekha went closer to Shruti and said, “If you had told me earlier that you were such a slut and willing to be the office whore we could have gotten you promoted a long time ago. I always thought you were a nice girl. Little did I see the whore in you.”

Shruti just looked back with a smile. Lekha had her finger in Shruti’s pussy and continued, “Go now. We got to head for dinner in a bit. The three of us have to arrive separately.”

Shruti put the robe back on and walked back into her room. She was now sure that she was on the right track. She walked with confidence. She knew what she had to do.

To be continued.

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