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Me And My Beautiful Aunty – Part 2

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Flashback: My aunty fell from a scooter while learning to ride it and it made me massage her back and thighs. She felt relaxed by this and let’s see how things went on after that.

Flashback: My aunty fell from a scooter while learning to ride it and it made me massage her back and thighs. She felt relaxed by this and let’s see how things went on after that.

After that massage to my aunty, her way of seeing me entirely changed. Earlier she used to treat me like a child, but now she was treating me like a Man!

The next morning, she was all prepared to tempt me and also to feel the buzz of sex life after so many years of getting divorced. I was totally like a toy in her hand which I personally loved as well.

That morning, my aunty prepared dosa for me and made me eat 7 dosas to get energy (yes, she was talking about the same energy you are thinking!). Later, we again went to her backyard to learn to ride the scooter. That day was quite different, she didn’t bathe that morning and I was thinking what was the reason behind that.

Then I taught her how to drive. Again, she fell, but this time, it was intentional and there weren’t many wounds. But the mud of the wet clay covered all over her nighty and her arms. She didn’t even try to get up from that mud but waited for me to pull her up.

I was waiting for the same and I grabbed the opportunity and lifted the vehicle as well as my sexy aunty. I caressed her hips and breasts in the form of cleaning the mud.

Aunt: What the hell are you doing? (in an angry look)

Me: I just cleaned the clay and dirt, that’s all.

Aunt: I know how to clean myself, don’t touch a woman like that ever.

Me: Sorry aunty, I’ll never repeat this mistake.

Then, I thought to myself: Something is wrong with my aunt today. Yesterday, she made me massage her bareback and thighs, and today she is yelling at me for cleaning the dirt. I felt sad.

She then went to the bathroom but the twist was yet to come. My aunty went to the bathroom and forgot to take the towel and she called me. But I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know whether to take advantage of this or just give the towel.

Finally, I decided to just give her the towel and come back, thinking that she might otherwise inform my parents about that incident. But nothing went as per my thinking. As I gave the towel to my aunt and went back, she yelled at me again.

Aunt: Where are you going?

Me: I’m heading toward my room.

Aunt: Don’t go anywhere as you’ve already committed the mistake. Now, come and correct it by rubbing my back.

This statement of hers gave me goosebumps. As I entered the bathroom, she was sitting on a stool, facing the wall. She was wearing the same pink-colored bra and panty which were worn by her preceding that day. That time, I understood why she didn’t bathe that morning. She wanted to show herself to me in a semi-naked form! So, the day before that she showed a trailer of being in that pinky inners and now it was the actual movie time!

My aunty told me to pour some oil on her bareback and rub her back. After that, she ordered me to wash it by applying soap and all. I was confused about whether to enjoy that moment or do it without any bad thoughts. Then she comforted me by saying that –

Aunt: I just made fun of you. Why should boys have all the fun? Let aunties also have some fun with a young and energetic boy like you.

I really enjoyed rubbing and massaging her back. Initially, I started pouring two spoons of oil on her back, but as she sat straight, the oil ran down toward those melons at the back.

Then I poured some oil on my hands and gently rubbed her back softly. Even she seemed to enjoy that moment. Aunty’s breasts used to go up and down as she breathed in and out.

She had a thin necklace with a pendant on it hanging above the curve in the middle of the boobs with a pink bra. That necklace and bra even increased the beauty of her boobs. This didn’t mean I don’t want to remove that bra and free those boobs, but I was enjoying that moment.

I rubbed oil all over her upper body except those parts covered under the bra.

Me: Aunty, if you don’t mind, can I remove the bra?

Aunt: Nope, I’ll show you when the right time comes. Until then, have some curiosity as to how it looks.

This statement made me even more harder. She made me remove my shirt and shorts, except for my boxers. Even she enjoyed the bulge in my boxers and caressed it hard and harder.

Then my aunty applied oil all over my body and massaged me with her soft hands. Initially, she started massaging my head, then my face, and kissed me hard (she chewed my upper lips very hard). It was the first time I was kissing a woman lip to lip and that too, for almost 5 minutes or more!

Then she applied oil all over my chest and rubbed my chest, shoulders, back, thighs, and my foot.

We started bathing together in the shower. I applied the soap to her and vice versa. I squeezed my aunty’s soft boobs (thank God, she allowed me that) and kissed her all over her upper body. She did the same to me. At last, we hugged each other tightly. It was so tight that because of which it was difficult for me to breathe, as my face was stuck on her boobies. But that was a best moment of my life.

Then she told me –

Aunt: Don’t worry baba, I’ll make sure this stays between ourselves and I’ll give you more pleasure as the day passes. This is just the beginning. There are so many things to see and enjoy for both of us.

And she kissed me again and sent me out so that she could change her dress (there was nothing to change except those inners). I went to my room and wore a dress.

After that, we sat together and had lunch. Later, we sat together in her room and started talking.

Aunt: Do you know that you are a really good kisser?

Me: Don’t make fun of me aunty. This is the first time I am kissing somebody, so how can I be a good kisser?

Aunt: I said ‘good’ kisser, not a ‘pro’. But eventually, you’ll become a pro if you’ll keep on kissing me (she said with a naughty laugh). Do you have a girlfriend?

Me: No aunty, there are no cute girls in our class. You are prettier than all of my classmates.

Aunty: Chee! You are making me blush. I am not as beautiful as you mentioned. But still, there were a few guys behind me too during my college days.

Me: When did you lose your virginity, aunty?

Aunt: Hey kalla! Why are so curious about that? As the time passes, I’ll tell you everything. Now, come sleep with me. I am feeling sleepy.

Then she placed my hands on her boobs and hugged me tightly and slept sideward.

There is still more to come about my aunty. She is my teacher as well as a sex goddess. She taught me about maintaining curiosity as well as patience and also she didn’t show everything for free. She made me work toward it and learn from it.

That’s all for the second part. If you liked this part, then keep encouraging me to write further. And if you have any feedback, then please let me know through this email.

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