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Indian MILF’s Threesome with Dead Friend’s Husband

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This story is based on an episode from Savita Bhabhi comics which you can read here. Savita was going through her mail when she came across a letter from her friend, Heena. She was surprised because

This story is based on an episode from Savita Bhabhi comics which you can read here.

Savita was going through her mail when she came across a letter from her friend, Heena. She was surprised because Heena had been dead for almost a year now.

She opened it to find that it was addressed to her by Heena’s husband, Faqid. She read the letter and then called Faqid to find out what was happening.

Savita (on the phone): Faqid, it was nice to get that mail from you. Did you know Heena sent me a letter every year for my birthday?

Faqid: Wow, I didn’t know that. Anyway, she asks about you all the time.

Savita: What do you mean ‘she asks’? She passed away.

Faqid: I go to seances with a spirit medium, and she summons Heena’s spirit.

Savita: Faqid, I don’t believe in all that. It sounds like a scam.

Faqid: I thought so too, but then she said things only Heena might know. It shocked me. You should come with me to the next seance. She’ll be happy to hear from you.

Savita: Alright, but I still don’t believe it.

The very next day, she joined Faqid at the Medium’s place. They walked in and sat down at the table with the Medium sitting in between the two of them. She asked for a piece of clothing linked to Heena, and Faqid handed over some sexy lingerie he had stored in his pocket.

Savita had a small smirk across her face as she saw it, but she held it in. The Medium looked at Savita.

Medium: You don’t believe in all this, do you?

Savita: No, not really (she rolled her eyes).

Medium: After your marriage, you pretended to be inexperienced in the bedroom. (Savita gasped). You also told Heena that your husband’s penis is smaller than your ex-boyfriend’s.

Savita gasped again, and her beliefs changed in an instant. She began to cooperate. The Medium looked into her crystal bowl and then back at the two of them.

Medium: Heena says that Faqid has been lonely for too long. It’s time he moved on by being intimate with someone else. She wants you to help him move on, Savita. This is her request from beyond.

Savita: What?! But I’m married! I can’t just do that!

Medium: Heena says it’s very important to her that you do this. She says she will be amongst the two of you while you go through with it to make it easier for all of us.

Faqid just sat there with a blank expression as the Medium worked to convince Savita, and at last, she agreed. Savita always thought Faqid was cute, and she wanted to try it out, but she couldn’t let them all know how curious she was. Once they convinced her, she headed home to prep herself to get fucked.

The Medium and Faqid waited at his house the next day for Savita’s arrival. She showed up in a pink saree at the house, and Faqid led her into the house.

Savita: Wow, it looks the same as before. You haven’t changed a thing!

Faqid: No, I decided to keep it all as is…to honour her.

Savita walked in closer to Faqid and looked into his eyes.

Savita: This is such an awkward situation. I hope you realise that.

Faqid: I’m only doing this for Heena’s sake.

Savita: Me, too.

Faqid pulled her in close and her breasts squished against his sturdy chest. She could feel his hot breath wash across her lips. She sighed heavily as he led her, by the hand, into his bedroom.

She sat on the bed and realised that it was the bed that Heena shared with Faqid when she was alive. Weirdly it turned her on. The Medium walked in and told them both that Heena wanted them to loosen up and have fun. Savita was into it, and her breath quickened as she looked at Faqid.

Faqid leaned in and kissed her, and she breathed into his tasty mouth as she kissed him. She moaned as he licked her neck and squeezed her breasts. He guided her blouse off, and she let out a sultry moan as she felt his warm tongue twirl around her erect nipples.

Savita (moaning): Do they please you?

Faqid: Very much (he breathed heavily on her nipples as he chewed on her boobs). You taste so good.

Medium: Heena knows you like to suck cock. She thinks it’s time for you to show Faqid some of your skills.

Savita (looking at Faqid): Pull it out and show me.

Faqid pulled out his cock, and Savita got on her knees and moaned as she swallowed him whole. She made slurping noises as she sucked on the tip of his cock and went up and down on his throbbing shaft. She put his cock between her juicy breasts and moaned as she watched him fuck them.

She moaned louder as she took his cock down to her throat again. She stroked it and licked it with her flat tongue from the tip to his musty balls. She inhaled the musk of his balls as she sucked on them and stroked him. Faqid grunted as she looked defiantly into his eyes and aimed his cock at her juicy tits.

Faqid couldn’t stop thinking about her perfect nipples, so he reached out and fondled them as Savita moaned. She stroked him faster, and he exploded on her tits. She purred like a kitten as she licked her lips and rubbed the cum on her chest.

Faqid: It had been too long. I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Savita (pulling off her saree): That’s alright. I doubt Heena went through all this trouble for a BJ. It’s up to you and Heena…do whatever you want to with me(she opened her legs and laid on the bed).

Savita sucked her breast as she laid there and rubbed her pussy gently. It glistened as Faqid walked closer and crawled onto the bed. He looked at her glistening pussy and couldn’t hold himself back anymore. He buried his face in her pussy and licked it.

Savita moaned loudly as she lifted her hips off the bed and grasped Faqid’s hands. She shook as she felt him eat her out. She looked over. The Medium touched herself as she watched, and it turned Savita on even more.

Savita: This is such a thrill…fucking a friend…knowing it’s not cheating. Especially when it’s such a hot request from beyond the grave. So why don’t you stop wasting time and stick that warm cock in me!

Faqid stuck his cock inside Savita and opened her legs even wider. Savita moaned, and her eyes rolled back as she felt the girth of his thick cock spreading her pussy wide open. She groaned as she felt him slide in and out of her, and his tip was hitting her just right.

Faqid grabbed onto her fleshy hips and squeezed as he pounded into her, and she was losing it. Suddenly, she felt two hands grab her breasts and squeeze them.

Medium: Heena says she can’t hold back anymore. She wants to join in the fun.

Savita (moaning as Faqid fucks her): I didn’t know Heena felt that way!

The Medium stuck her pussy in Savita’s face. Savita stuck her tongue inside the Medium’s wet pussy. She moaned as she felt Savita dive in and out of her as Faqid fucked her gently. He slowed down and got on his back. Savita sat on his cock and moaned as her ass slapped against his sturdy thighs.

Faqid grabbed the Medium by her thighs and guided her wet pussy to his lips. Savita fingered the Medium’s wet clit as she leaked her juices onto Faqid’s hungry lips and chin. The three of them groaned loudly, making the bed shake, as their bodies writhed together with lustful passion.

The Medium got off Faqid’s face and licked his tongue as they breathed into their mouths. Savita moaned and ground against Faqid’s pubes as she took him in completely as watched them make out. The Medium leaned over and licked Savita’s clit.

Faqid thrust into her harder, making her lose breath and almost blackout. She fell forward onto Faqid’s chest as she grabbed her tightly. The Medium went behind Savita and licked her asshole and Faqid’s balls as she fingered herself.

Savita felt Faqid’s arms wrap around her tightly as he lifted his thighs off the bed and Savita along with it. She moaned louder as she continuously felt his thighs slap against her juicy ass, pounding her hard.

Savita: Oh fuck! Oh, fuck!

Faqid grunted as he felt his body tighten. He felt Savita’s sweaty breasts sticking to his hot body, and he felt the Medium licking his balls fondly. He felt the warm, juicy insides of Savita’s pussy as she fucked the shit out of her, and he could not hold himself back any longer.

Savita: Yea! Fuck me like that, Faqid. I’m so close! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!

Faqid: Me too, Savita! I’m so close.

Medium: Goddamit me three! (she repeatedly moaned as she fell against Faqid’s thighs with Savita’s ass in her face).

Milky white cum ran down the Medium’s trembling legs as she felt Savita rest her ass on her face. She loved it. Faqid lay with arms wide open as he panted out of breath. Savita rubbed her pussy as she felt both her cum and Faqid’s cum drip out of her used pussy.

She moaned as she rubbed herself gently and laid against his chest. Faqid inhaled the scent of Savita’s hair as their sweaty bodies stuck together. The Medium licked Savita’s ass and stroked Faqid’s cock gently as she chuckled.

She licked Savita’s spine, making her moan, and squeezed her breasts.

Savita moaned and rubbed her clit softly against Faqid’s thigh as his cock twitched.  The Medium got up and dressed. She left to tend to another client. Faqid got up and thanked her for her services, and she left. Faqid laid back down, exhausted from the sex.

Savita got up and dressed, and as she looked around, her eyes landed on a diary.

It was Heena’s. She read it and realised everything the Medium had known about her was already written there.

Faqid and the Medium had played her. She threw the book at Faqid and stormed off. Faqid didn’t care. He got what he wanted, a threesome with the insatiable Savita Bhabi.

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Indian MILF’s Threesome with Dead Friend’s Husband