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Marathi Mother to Dominican Whore – Part 2

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Hello folks, this is Pratik again with the second part of my story. As we saw in the last part, we went to Joana’s house. Her father was driving with just his shorts on, Joana sitting only in h

Hello folks, this is Pratik again with the second part of my story.

As we saw in the last part, we went to Joana’s house. Her father was driving with just his shorts on, Joana sitting only in her panties. Mom was sitting next to me only in her panties, sucking my dick. Joan started speaking.

Joan: After talking to your mom on the video call, I could see she was looking at my boobs. She did not seem happy then. I could read it on her face. I spoke to dad about it that evening. I was distraught. He calmed me down and asked me to talk to your mom again.

Joan: So later that night, I made a video call to your mother. She was cleaning and was wet with water. Her gown became transparent, and I could see her boobs. I took screenshots of her. I spoke to her and told her that my father wanted to meet her. He was coming to India. I convinced her to meet, and she agreed.

Carlos: The next, she cut the call and sent those screenshots to me. My dick twitched as soon as I saw your busty mother. Joana called me, and she told me she was turned on looking at her like this. She had a plan to seduce your mother. Joana was already on the net booking my ticket while on the call.

Joana: I saw your mother was being naked under the gown. The way she looked at my boobs on the first call, I had a feeling that a sexual spark had ignited in her looking at me. So I asked dad to seduce her.

Carlos: 7 days later, I went to Mumbai. I settled down. I called your mother the next day. She invited me home for lunch. I went there.

Mom: He came on time for lunch. I had prepared chicken curry for him. He was a gentleman and brought me flowers and sweets. We had lunch, and we got to know each other. He was funny, intelligent, and impressive. He told me about himself, his work, and his business.

Mom: He messaged me on WhatsApp and thanked me for the delicious lunch. We chatted for a while, and he started flirting with me. He asked me to show him around the city, and I obliged. The next day I wore my kurta and leggings, we went around the town, and he was a pure gentleman that day.

Mom: We took the metro during the busy hours, and it got too crowded. He clung to me like a hug, and that’s when I felt his dick for the first time. My boobs were pressed against his hard chest, and his dick pressed against my lower stomach.

Mom: That day, my pussy got wet after decades. We were in that position for 10 minutes, and I liked it so much that we missed our stop.

Now I was comfortably pressing mom’s boobs, and she was giving me a handjob.

Carlos: She was getting seduced. I could feel the warmth there.

Mom: Yes, I came home and messaged him first that night. He flirted with me, and this time even I joined him. This went on for 3-4 days. We spent more time every day, and I forgot the purpose he was here for.

The chats became personal; he told me about his sexual appetite and how none of his girlfriends could cope with it. I replied, saying he was just lying and how can someone even have an erection at this age. I asked him for proof, and he sent me a couple of videos of him fucking 3 different women.

One of them was an Indian woman. The first thing I saw was his dick size, and my pussy itched. I asked him with whom did he enjoy the most.

Carlos: I told her the Indian woman. She was a prostitute and had better stamina than the other two. Yeah, Indian women are not that open in clothing but are super horny.

Mom: He asked me whether I had any boyfriends. When I denied he was like, “You are so sexy. I would have fucked you long and hard if you were my girlfriend. This body doesn’t need so many clothes. There should be minimal on them.”

Mom: This message fueled my fire. I was wet, and my fingers were rubbing my clit. Carlos asked me for a video call. I was in my gown. I opened the two buttons and showed him my cleavage. He kept staring at it, and I could feel he imagined me nude.

Carlos: I was so hard that time. I couldn’t take my eyes off her boobs.
I asked her whether she would like to get dinner and drinks the next day. She invited me home and said she would cook something special.

Mom: That night, I fingered myself, imagining getting fucked by him. I was so turned on. I kept looking at those pictures and his stiff prick. After ages, I looked at a hard dick and turned on to the hilt. We did not speak the whole day the next day.

Mom: I waxed my body and removed my pussy hair. I cooked lamb for him and even brought a nice expensive scotch.

I was shopping and looking for dresses in the mall. The lady offered to help. I told her its a special occasion and my husband was coming home from abroad. She showed me a top, which was off-shoulder, and a skirt that fitted me tight. She also suggested that I buy a push-up bra and got me one.

That showed ample cleavage. I bought everything and got ready. I purposely pulled the top lower to reveal more of my cleavage and opened the door for him.

Carlos: And looking at your mother, I had an instant hardon. I wanted to bang her straight away, and her ass looked so yummy in that skirt. But I was controlling.

Mom: He was constantly staring at my cleavage. I offered him the drink, scotch, and the food. He asked me to join him. He knew I did not have liquor, so he brought me wine.

Carlos: The drink I gave her was the port wine of our farms. That is used to increase sexual urges in people.

Mom: I liked it; I almost had three glasses of the same. He also made me drink scotch. I was tipsy by that time. He came and sat close to me on the bed. My cleavage was seen clearly, and so were my boobs. I could see his semi-hard dick too. It was big. He came close, and we kissed; my top was down, and my boob was in his hand within a few minutes.
Carlos: I pressed her boobs; she held my dick and started playing with it. I pushed her mouth towards it, and she sucked so well. Aahh. Thinking of that, I still get a hardon.
Mom: He fucked my mouth for a good 15 mins, then removed his robe and removed my saree. He tore my clothes, made me naked, and licked my clit.
Carlos: Oh, she has a tasty pussy; I can’t get enough of it.
Mom: I went mad after it. I was moaning loudly, and I had an orgasm in 10 mins. I felt so good after ages. I pushed him down, took his dick in me, and rode him on the couch. He was sucking my boobs and biting my nipples. His dick was so long and hard. I kept jumping on him harder.

Carlos: Your mother was so wild riding me. Even young girls can’t beat her.

Mom: He turned me, lied on my stomach, and pounded me for forty minutes. I had cum twice by then. Then he came inside me. It felt so good having cum inside me after decades. I thanked him. We were cuddling and smooching. He was sucking my boobs, and it turned me on again. We moved to the bedroom, and he fucked me like an animal.

Carlos: That night was pure bliss. I fucked your mother till 6 in the morning. 6 hours of sexual pleasure. We slept after that and got up in the evening.

Mom: He woke me up with a kiss; we were naked. He thanked me for the great sex and said he was satisfied after such a long time. Carlos proposed to me to be his girlfriend. He told me the truth that he came to India for me. He was hard the moment he saw my photos and liked me. He wants to be with me.

Carlos: She was not agreeing. She was like, how can I, at this age, when her son is about to get married, the society won’t accept it. She shouldn’t have had Sex like this too. People will shame her for this.

Carlos: I told your mom that no other woman fucked like this with so much stamina. After two rounds, they would be tired, but she did 6 rounds with me last night, and she also loved it.

Mom: He was convincing me and, at the same time, seducing me.

Carlos: I took her hand, placed it on my dick, and said, “You sure you don’t want this? Don’t you want your warm pussy moving in and out?”

Mom: He brought his dick closer to my mouth, and I gave in, and we fucked again. This time he was wild and said slang.

Carlos: She was wet like hell. I convinced her, “Look at you bitch; your pussy is wet and longing for my cock. Be my bitch baby; I will fuck you like this every day. I will lick you, suck you the whole day. We will be naked. I know there is a slut in you; let her out.”

Mom: Aah, I love your dick Carlos; yes, I want it. But society doesn’t permit me to do it. What will my son say? I can’t deal with all that.

Carlos: This society where I stay is open. Men and women are naked in their houses and beaches. We fuck in the open too, and no one bothers. It’s a free country, and you don’t have to worry. You can wear what you want and have Sex whenever and wherever you want.

Carlos: And as far as your son is considered, Joana will handle him. He fucks my daughter every day, she is a horny bitch, and they are naked the whole day. If she still has a problem, let him taste this pussy. He won’t let you wear clothes after that.
Mom: Imagining having sex with you made me wild, and I cum and made him cum.

Carlos: I still remember the way she squeezed my dick then. That was hot.

Mom: We were resting. I went on his chest. ” How can a mother have Sex with her son? And you don’t mind me fucking another man?”

Carlos: How does it matter? You both need Sex, he has a stick, and you need one, so why not fuck him. I am surprised a horny cock loving woman like you dint fuck the cock she had with her. I fuck Joana; in fact, she lost her virginity to me.

Carlos: My son fucked my wife; we all had Sex in the same room. I didn’t mind. If you want to fuck some other man too, I won’t mind. We will fuck you together.

Mom: Look how you are talking, dirty man.

Carlos: Sex isn’t dirty, and besides, every lady wants to live life freely away from all these bondages and taboos. Wear whatever, roam naked, or even fuck whomever. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t love that now. I know you would; there is a slut in you dying to come out.

Carlos: So I am telling you, marry me and shift there; Joana and Pratik will join us and have a horny fucking family.

Mom: So you want me to marry you and be your naked slut? Fuck you in the open, roam nude in there in front of other people? And what makes you think I will like it? I may not be comfortable with it.

Carlos: In the beginning, you might not be, but it’s been 24 hours you are naked with me, had 6 hours of sex. Still, your pussy is getting wet, for my cock tells me you will love to be nude.

Mom: He turned me in a 69 position and licked me hard. I was sucking his big dick, taking it in my mouth. Imagining the life he was talking about had turned me on too much, and I was leaking.

Carlos: Leaking, she squirted on my face. And she sucked me so well that I cum before her. When I was licking her pussy she started abusing me.

Mom: “Yes. Bastard, lick me, eat my pussy. It’s all yours. Lick me harder.” I squirted on his face. We both went in for the bath; I soaped him rubbing my boobs on him.

Carlos: Booby soap bath. And then your mother held my dick and said

” Yes, I am ready to be your naked slut. I will open my legs wherever you ask me, even fuck with you or my son in public places like a cheap whore. Take me with you; I have lived life for others. Now I want to live mine, have your dick inside me, be nude, fuck whoever I want. I say yes.”

Mom: After the bath, I was sitting in his lap naked. He lit up a cigarette and gave me. I obliged and tried. He told me he wanted me to wear something sexy and go to the pub with him.

Carlos: I took her shopping and got her a spaghetti halter neck one-piece, transparent baby doll lingerie gowns, bikinis, and stuff.

Mom: None of the dresses even covered my whole ass. We came home; it was 11. He asked me to get dressed to go to the pub. It was not a Pub, but a place where foreigners came and had prostitutes with them, and people were naked and fucking.

We entered the party, and music and many foreigners were dancing with Indian women who looked like prostitutes and were half-naked there. I was hesitant a bit.
Carlos: This is the best place to leave your inhibitions behind and start being my slutty wife.

Mom: The atmosphere already aroused me, and his words added more. We had drinks, I asked him to smoke, and we smoked. I removed my bra and panties and gave them to him. I was rubbing his dick over the pants. He was getting hard already.

Carlos: She sucked me for 5 minutes, and I was rock hard after that. When she pulled her head up, she saw the woman next to her riding the man. After that, she went mad. She removed her dress over her head and fucked me naked there. I pounded her like a bitch for 20-25 minutes and cum inside her.

Mom: I felt so nice when other people watched me getting fucked. I sat naked in his lap and had a few more drinks. Also, the cab driver would be hard looking at my boobs that night. Carlos gave me a tablet to eat in the cab. When we reached the building, it was 3 am. I was so horny that I unzipped him and sucked him on the stairs, removed my dress, and threw it there.
Carlos: She was so wild. I somehow took her to the door, opened it, and took her in. She sat on the TV cabinet, and I fucked her on that only. I had given her ecstasy drug, so neither would cum so early.

Mom: Yea, for the next two days, we fucked like rabbits. We would simply eat, fuck, smoke, fuck, drink, fuck, sleep, fuck. He fucked me in every corner of the house. Some people might have even seen us while he was fucking me in the kitchen.

We got married in 2 days, and he applied for Visa. Due to his connections, we got it approved in 1 day. I Just packed one bag with the dresses he had brought.
On the day of the flight, he made me wear Skin fitting dress without my undergarments. My nipples were visible.

Carlos: I had booked a first-class flight, and your mother stayed naked in there with my dick inside her for half the trip. Even the air hostess saw us fucking.

Mom: I got off the plane wearing a bikini and see-through cover-up. But when I got to the county, I saw women topless. I started my Dominican journey there and got naked. When we reached the house, I explored the house, farm, and strip pub.

Mom: I was at the pub in just a bikini that evening, and Carlos introduced me to everyone. I even got naked, did a pole dance for him, and gave him a lap dance. He fucked me in his office there, and many waitresses too watched us fuck. And that’s it. That’s how I am here. All thanks to Joana.

Mom: Your new father has a great dick, and he satisfies my urges. I am his slut and have sex with him anywhere. (she started riding me and speaking slang) You, too, have a great dick! Thank you, Joana, for getting this surgery done. Fuck me harder, baby, fuck me. Thank you so much for giving me Joana and Carlos and this Fucking life.

I was too wild, and I turned her and mounted her.

Me: Yes, you have turned a slut. Look how wet your pussy is for your son’s cock. Now dare you to wear clothes on you.

I kept pounding her, and she kept moaning. She had orgasm after 20 minutes.
We reached the house by this time, and Carlos parked the car. Joan straight went and took her daddy’s dick in her mouth. Here mom was sucking mine. We pulled the ladies out.

Carlos started fucking Joan’s ass bending her on the car, and I started fucking my mother on the opposite door. Inside the vehicle, both mom and daughter were in a lip lock and getting Fucked. It went on for 25 minutes, and we came on their faces. Mom kissed Joan and exchanged the cum, and both drank it.

What else happened? I will tell you In the next part.