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Indian Bhabhi seduced by famous movie star

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This story is based on an episode from Savita Bhabhi comics which you can read here. Advay Gupta was getting an award from the mayor for his excellent acting skills. He was supposed to place his hand

This story is based on an episode from Savita Bhabhi comics which you can read here.

Advay Gupta was getting an award from the mayor for his excellent acting skills. He was supposed to place his handprints in concrete to cement his fame for eternity. Many people gathered to watch in front of the theater, and it caused a traffic block.

Savita was getting restless in the car next to her husband. After searching for a long time, they parked and headed for the theater. Ashok spotted the actor, and the two of them rushed over to get a better look.

Savita got in front of the crowd and leaned over to ask for an autograph. Advay spotted Savita bhabhi, and his gaze ran over her entire, sexy body. He walked over to her.

Savita: Sir, can you please sign this?

Advay: Oh, my dear! I can do more than that! How about a role in my new movie? I’ll be directing it myself.

Savita was too stunned to speak, but Advay gave her his info and walked away. Ashok walked up and excitedly took Advay’s contact info as the two of them wandered into the theater in an excited daze.

A week later, there was a ring at Advay’s doorbell. Savita stood on the other end of it dressed in a revealing saree that blew Advay’s breath away, but he didn’t remember her.

Advay: Yes? Can I help you?

Savita: Hi sir, I’m Savita. You had asked me to come audition for a movie role!?

Advay: I did? When was this?

Savita: Sir, last week, when you were putting your handprints in cement. You had given me your secret address.

Advay: Oh! Savita Patel! Right? Come on in!

Savita came in wondering whether he’d forgotten all about his offer. But Advay assured her that he had just been too busy planning his movie. He offered her a drink, but she didn’t want any. She was too nervous.

Savita: I’m naive about this. I’ve never done this before.

Advay couldn’t believe that his ‘role offer’ idea had finally paid off. He told her to open to page 54 in the script, and she did so.

Savita: Oh! Is this a love scene?

Advay: Indeed. It’s a romance movie with a twist. We’ll start here. Let me know when you’re ready.

Savita began reading the lines. As they rehearsed, Advay got closer and closer to Savita’s back. He put his hands on her arms and caressed them gently. It was part of the ‘scene.’ However, Savita felt uncomfortable.

Savita: This doesn’t feel right.

Advay: Maybe it’s because we’re both not dressed for the part. In this scene, we’re in your character’s room. So, we’re supposed to be undressed.

Savita: You want me to get naked?

Advay: Just into your bra and panties.

After saying that, Advay stripped into his boxers and waited. Savita reluctantly stripped down to her peach bra and matching panties. She blushed as she looked at Advay’s face.

Advay: See! You’re beautiful. Let’s pick up the scene again. (Reading script) I thought it was obvious I loved you!

Savita: But-

Before she could get another word out, Advay turned her around and kissed her deeply. He grabbed her ass and squeezed it as his tongue dipped into her soft mouth.

Savita stood transfixed as Advay felt up her ass and ran his hand up her spine. He undid her bra in one try, and she gasped. Her bra fell to the side as her nipples grazed Advay’s sturdy chest.

Savita: Wait! Is there t nudity in this movie?

Advay: No, we will cover that with proper placements and angles. But we have to act nude to get into character.

Savita: I see.

Advay grabbed her before she could protest and dropped her on his bed. Savita kept reciting lines and trying to stay in character, but Advay was all over her. He licked her nipples and bit them lightly with his perfect teeth. He kissed her neck, and that made Savita break character.

Savita: Wait. If the sex on camera isn’t real…then why are we-

Advay (interrupting): This scene doesn’t work if the pair has no Chemistry, so we have to check that by actually giving this a try, my dear.

Advay went down on Savita and twirled his tongue on her juicy clit. She moaned loudly as she pushed his head down and made him go harder. Her back arched as she felt the actor’s tongue deep inside her pussy, teasing her soft inner walls. He pushed her legs up and grabbed her thighs.

Advay split Savita’s legs further as he licked her and slobbered all over her juicy cunt.Slobber dripped down her thighs as Advay drooled at the taste of her sweet pussy. Savita moaned louder as her body shuddered. She came before he had even put his girthy cock inside her.

Advay: Your facial expression just then was perfect!

Savita: Thanks!

Advay stopped and went to have a drink. Advay took a sip and handed the glass to Savita. She took a sip.

Savita: So…is the audition over?

Advay (pulling off his underpants): Actually, it’s just beginning.

Savita choked on the drink as she looked at his massive cock as it hung inches from her face.

Advay: I want you to act as your character again. Imagine she can’t stay away from her man. That she wants to taste his cock for the first time.

Savita rubbed Advay’s as she considered it and licked the tip. She looked up at him as he grabbed her hair. She choked as he drilled his giant cock down her throat. She moaned as her tongue swirled around it.

Savita gagged passionately on his cock. She was aching for his cock now. She gasped for air as she pulled his cock out of her mouth. A trail of saliva lingered between her bottom lip and the tip of Advay’s cock.

Advay: Good job, Savita. Now, what do you think your character would do when finally offered the erection of her dear loved one?

Savita knew exactly what she and Advay wanted now. She laid back and flashed a naughty smile as she opened her legs for the movie star. She didn’t expect how good his cock would feel inside her wet pussy. She was dripping on his cock as soon as he put it in.

Advay licked her collarbones and shoulders as he thrust into her. Savita moaned loudly as she melted into his warm body. Each thrust made her groan with a violent passion, and she loved it.

Advay turned her around and fucked her doggy style. Savita grabbed onto the sheets hard as she let him fuck her brains out. Advay grabbed Savita’s juicy ass and squeezed into it with his warm fingertips. Sweat dripped off his body onto her ass while his cock slipped in and out of her juicy cunt.

Savita yelped loudly as he pounded her hard from behind and her back arched as she felt him deep inside her. She pushed him onto the bed and kissed him deeply.

Savita grabbed Advay’s cock, put it inside her, and began to ride him. Advay grabbed onto her juicy tits as she bounced on his sweaty thighs. Both of them were dripping heavily with sweat as their warm breathing warmed up the room.

Savita leaned forward and moaned as she tongued him passionately. Advay thrust into her as she split her ass cheeks wider, and she groaned abruptly with pleasure. She kissed him deeper as she felt his arms groping her sticky body. She kissed his head and chest as she bounced on his sturdy thighs.

She wanted to give Advay a special treat, so she turned around and faced the mirror for him. Advay thrust into her harder and faster as he looked at her sexy reflection in the mirror. Savita had her mouth wide open as he fucked her brains out.

Her breath fogged up the mirror as his cock slipped in and out of her smoothly. Savita leaned back onto Advays body and opened her legs wider. She couldn’t believe that a superstar had his magnificent cock deep inside her wet pussy.

Advay drilled her hard as he kissed her neck and bit her earlobes.

Advay: Baby, can I cum inside you?

Savita: Of course, you can, my love. Now that you’re mine, I wouldn’t want your cum anywhere else.

Then, she grabbed his face and moaned into his mouth, and Advay pumped hard into her. Savita’s back arched as she yelled with delight. She felt his veiny cock shake inside her dripping cunt.

As he pulled it out, cum oozed out of Savita’s spent pussy. She scooped some of it up on her sticky fingers and tasted it as Advay laid next to her and feasted on her juicy breasts.

Soon after, both of them got dressed. Savita was spent and happy. Advay seemed like he was no longer interested in looking at her face. It felt weird.

Savita: So, do I get the part?

Advay: I have other auditions coming in soon, so I’ll let you know if you’ve been chosen.

Savita knew what that meant. She had just gotten played. Her look of awe at Advay turned into pure disgust. she walked out of his house with her pussy filled to the brim with his sweet, sweet cum.

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Indian Bhabhi seduced by famous movie star