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Delhi Girl Finds Pleasure On Nude Video Call From Balcony

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I was staying in a different city for a couple of days. So I booked a room online and checked in. The room was in a nice little flat building. I could see the balconies of a ton of flats that were ab

I was staying in a different city for a couple of days. So I booked a room online and checked in. The room was in a nice little flat building. I could see the balconies of a ton of flats that were above and below my own. One evening I decided to enjoy my coffee on a balcony and I glanced down at the balcony below me.

There was a couple making out passionately on their balcony, and I couldn’t stop watching them. The man had her pinned to the rails and was kissing her as he pulled the shoulders of her top down. She threw her head back and closed her eyes as he ate her neck and shoulders. She opened her eyes and saw me watching as I sipped my coffee, intrigued by the situation.

I thought she would alert her partner, but instead she just looked into my eyes. She held my gaze as she felt his tongue run up and down her body. She kissed him passionately and pulled off her top.

The man looked confused and cautious, but I saw her whisper reassuringly into his ears as she pulled off her bra. He buried his face in her tits as she threw her back and blew me a kiss. She knew what she was doing.

He turned her around and pulled off her panties, and he was obviously too preoccupied to sense my presence. Her eyes rolled up as she felt his teeth sink into her delicate shoulder. He bit her softly as he thrust inside her from behind. He wrapped his arms around her torso and she let her body lean against his and felt his dick stroke slowly into her.

Her boobs bounced to the rhythm of his thrust and her ass bounced with them. She moaned a bit too loud and looked into my eyes again. She grabbed the railings and opened her legs wider for him, and he grabbed her hips and pounded her harder. She held my gaze again as she told him to stop and put his back against the railing.

His eyes closed as she kneeled and went down on him. It was spectacular. She sucked his cock fondly as he held her hair back and groaned with his eyes closed. He put both hands on her head and forced her to choke on his cock, and she did it while she looked in my direction again. Her head moved faster and faster, and pretty soon he pulled his cock out of her juicy mouth and came on her tits. She chuckled as she got up and kissed him again.

After she kissed him, she leaned in and said something. He went back inside shortly after. The woman looked in my direction again and licked the cum on her face. She chuckled as she shrugged at me, and I grabbed my dick for her to see. She turned around and spanked her ass, and then she turned around and twirled her fingers around her nipples. She scraped cum off of both nipples and swallowed it. Then she went inside and disappeared from my life. I couldn’t believe what had just happened.

I really wished that I’d jerked off on that balcony while I watched them. She was obviously giving me a show, but I didn’t get to indulge myself.

I looked online for stories on ISS about couples fucking on balconies, but I didn’t find much. It was disappointing, but I randomly clicked on a story about cam girls and it grabbed my attention. I clicked on the link and it took me to Delhi Sex Chat website.

This website had some of the hottest cam girls I’d ever seen, and I was sold immediately! I bought credits using my debit card after signing up and started searching for my perfect girl. I found a profile of a girl named Anushree and sent her a message. I really wanted a fantasy scenario on a balcony, so I told the model that, and she texted back almost immediately.

Anushree: I’ve done naughty shit all over my house, but I never thought of the balcony. How fun! Naughty shit in some place new…I’m in!

She came on video call a few minutes later. She was wearing a purple silk robe with a pair of pink panties and bra that made her look stunning and bright. Her hair fell over her shoulders undone, and it made her look like a snack. She smiled at me with her juicy red lips and squeezed her juicy tits as she moaned gently into the cam.

Anushree: I’m excited about this!

Me: Me too!

Anushree: Why don’t you get completely naked and relax. I’ll take care of you tonight.

She wheeled her laptop to the door of her balcony and positioned it, so that we could watch each other. She threw the doors wide open and stepped onto the balcony. She threw her head back and let the light on the balcony wash over her gorgeous body.

Her robe shimmered hypnotically in the light as she stood there, allowing me to gaze at her gorgeous body. She looked into the camera and smiled as she pulled one breast out of her pink bra. She sucked on two fingers and teased her nipple in a circle. She moaned.

Delhi Girl Finds Pleasure On Nude Video Call From Balcony

Anushree: Fuck…this feels different out here!

Me: You’re nipple is sexy as fuck!

Anushree: Yea? Then see the other one too.

She pulled her other tit out, but it looked awkward in her bra. She squeezed and pulled on her breasts and breathed heavily. Anushree looked around and chuckled at me before pulling the robe off her shoulders. Her boobs shined in the light as she moaned and dropped the robe to the ground and undid her bra straps.

Me: Take your bra off, but leave that sexy robe on.

Anushree: (chuckles) That’s exactly what I was thinking, you naughty boy!

The sexy model did as I asked and played with her tits. She bit her lip and smiled at me as she played with her boobs for me. She pulled one of her tits up and sucked on it. I stroked slowly as she did that, and she nodded at me as she licked her nipple with the tip of her tongue.

She let the robe stay open as she pulled her panties down just enough for me to look at her pubes. That turned me on and I started jerking off to her.

Anushree: I’ve always wanted to do something super risky like this!

Me: What’s going through that dirty mind now?

Anushree: Your cock!

She put her hand inside her panties and opened her legs. Her juicy breasts bounced gently as she sighed heavily. I jerked off harder as she moaned and touched herself. She licked her fingers to taste herself.

Anushree: I wish you were here to eat me, handsome.

Me: Oh fuck!

I jerked off even faster as she moaned and played with herself. She pulled off her panties with one hand and opened her legs wide for me. She let the robe fall off of one shoulder. Her boob was exposed to the cold air on the balcony as she touched herself.

I stroked faster as she angled her legs open wider and split her pussy lips open for me. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. She moaned again and leaned forward squeezing her juicy tits and I came…hard!

Anushree: (chuckles) It was really fun making you cum! Come back later! I wanna do this again…soon!

I left that call satisfied, and I went back to replay that scenario later. DSC is just indescribably awesome to me now and I’m a regular now!

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Delhi Girl Finds Pleasure On Nude Video Call From Balcony