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One Unfortunate/Fortunate Erotic Night – Part 2

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Hello guys and girls, Zaheera here. Thank you for the wonderful support and feedback on the first part of the story. And extremely happy to learn that you guys didn’t mind the length of the story. I

Hello guys and girls, Zaheera here. Thank you for the wonderful support and feedback on the first part of the story. And extremely happy to learn that you guys didn’t mind the length of the story. If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to read it.

So after what happened that night, I was on bliss, and honestly blamed myself for not doing sooner and was ruining the amount of fun I have missed, if I had done it earlier.

So, after resting on the couch for about 20 minutes, I and my elder brother moved the party to his bedroom where I gave him a blowjob. Even though I was no expert, I did my best.

My elder brother shot loads inside me. Honestly, I didn’t like the taste but as I was looking at his face, that relaxed face with eyes shut, and a clear indication of pleasure he received. And knowing that I was the reason for the pleasure was more than enough for me.

Then I laid down, spread my legs inviting my elder sibling. We did it three more times, with him releasing one more load into my pussy and one all over my face and breasts. I was enjoying every bit of it. We then kissed before crashing onto each other and we slept like that.

In the morning, I got up at 7 am. He was still sleeping naked next to me. The bruises on my body were telling the tale of last night’s adventures.

There were fingernail marks, love bites, hickeys on my neck, boobs, back, thighs, etc. And I loved every bit of it. Each and every one of them was reminding me about this awesome journey I have started with my brother.

I slowly got out of the bed, making sure not to wake him. I got my clothes from the living room, got dressed, and did my morning chores. My swollen pussy and sore knees were constantly reminding the escapades.

As it was a Sunday and all the efforts we put in last night, I knew that my elder bro Aadi wasn’t getting up until at least 10. So I cooked breakfast, ran to a nearby medical store, bought pills for my actions last night, and bought condoms for the things I was going to do that day onward.

When I returned, Aadi was up and he was taking a bath. I went to the kitchen, served breakfast on two plates, and went to his room and shouted, “Breakfast ready” in my kinkiest of voices.

He said, “Keep it on the dining table, I’ll join you soon” in a very normal tone. I said okay and brought both plates back to the dining room and waited.

My brother came out about 10 minutes later, dressed in his shorts and tee, and was looking very serious. Then, in one breath he said,

“I will get you pills, have it. And forget what happened last night. It shouldn’t have happened. And me being the elder, I take full responsibility for what has transpired. I am sorry, sister.” His eyes were watery and he sounded shaky.

I was in utter shock. I wanted to say, “It’s okay.. Not your fault. I wanted it to happen, and I still want it to continue” but I didn’t. I sat there in silence letting my brother take all the guilt and kept eating. Later he got me pills, I took them again and we never talked about it again.

A month passed by and things were returning to normal as brother-sister between us. We used to chit chat a little, went to parties together, etc. But I never could see him just as a brother. I wanted him. I wanted him badly. Or at least just for the sake of the box of condoms I bought that day, I wanted him.

Next Saturday was my birthday. I knew what I wanted so I decided to act upon it.

I had a plan. I knew my bro would have arranged a party for my birthday and for my plan to work, that party needed to be canceled. So I pretended having a fever on Friday and took a day off. When he was at the office, I cleaned myself and made me presentable (waxing and stuff).

Saturday morning my brother came into my room and wished me. Then he said that it was a shame that he had to cancel the party that he had planned looking at my condition. I said it’s fine. I thanked him and hugged him, making sure his hand would brush against my left boob a little. He instantly withdrew his hands and looked at me.

I calmly said, “It’s fine, Aadi. I know you didn’t do it intentionally.” He sighed with an awkward smile. To make it more awkward for him, I took my brother’s right hand, placed it on my breast again and pressed his hand with my hand, and said, “And I wouldn’t mind even if you do it intentionally, Aadi.”

He didn’t know what was happening. He still said, “Don’t, Zee, this is not right”.

“Said who?” I countered.

He, with a puzzled look, was stammering something, maybe looking for words.

I knew this was my chance for the monologue and I said,

“Aadi, I don’t know what’s right or wrong. All I know is I love you and I don’t regret a tiny bit about what happened between us that night. Forget regret, I even wished that we could continue doing that.

I see a great amount of comfort when being with you, and I will do anything to keep it that way. But at the same time, I don’t want to rush you into anything, but I want you to know that there’s nothing in this world that I wouldn’t do with you. I love you, Aadi.”

My brother sat there in silence for a while, looking into my teary eyes and not knowing what to do. Then he said, “I will see you in the evening” and went away. I didn’t know whether my little monologue grossed him out or something else, but I was waiting eagerly for the evening.

Then came the evening, I heard the door getting unlocked at 7 30 pm. It was him with a cake, a case of beer, and a gift-wrapped box. He called me out, we cut the cake and fed each other a little.

Then he gave me the gift. It was a smartwatch. I liked it. Still, I said I was hoping for something more and looked into his eyes. He said,

“You will get that too, Zee” and winked with a little smirk on his face. That wink was a signal of what was about to come! Oh god, what would I give to have that smirk and wink together a month before?! Probably everything!

I jumped on my brother and hugged him. I checked the smartwatch which he had just given me. The heart-rate was 116. I didn’t care. I munched on his face like a little bunny eating carrots. My brother grabbed my ass and with his fingers, he lowered my shorts along with panty in one motion.

I lifted my hands up and he took my top off me. I helped him get undressed pretty quickly. I took a good chunk of the cake, applied it all over his body, and started licking it off sensually. He held my hair while I was nibbling in his nipples.

Then I went lower, took the cake-covered cock of my own brother, licked it along the seam without using my hands. He left out a loud grunt and said, “Zeeeeeeeee..”

In my 21 years’ life, I had never heard my brother calling my name with so many “eeeeee”s .

Then I cupped his balls and took his entire length in my mouth. His precum and sweat-mixed with the chocolate cake were taking me into a trance.

One Unfortunate/Fortunate Erotic Night – Part 2

I started deepthroating my elder brother’s cock, eventually making him shoot my birthday gift deep inside my throat! I sucked him clean until he was dry and was erect again.


So, this the second part of the story where I once again convinced my brother to bed me. I hope you liked it.

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P.S. (a request): Even though I had mentioned it clearly in the first part, still some people are asking for my number, Insta id or photos or asking to meet. I am saying it again, I will not be sharing any such details nor am I interested in roleplay or to sleep with random guys who find my story erotic! Please understand this before sending abusive emails.

Thanks once again.