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Cousin Rashi Having Fun With Elder Brother

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Hi everyone, this is Sunny once again. I have been getting a great response from my previous stories and I am very thankful to you all.

Hi everyone, this is Sunny once again. I have been getting a great response from my previous stories and I am very thankful to you all.

I am a Punjabi boy living in Melbourne and I have a height of 5ft 10in with a dick size of 7-inch.

Now coming to the story, this is a real incident that happened between me and my cousin who visited me from India. Her name is Rashi and she is a real goddess. She is very fair in color and got a curvy figure.

Rashi always wears modern clothes that reveal her sexiness from many angles and body parts. She does not hesitate in wearing very small shorts as well and one can only keep staring at her legs for a long time.

After I came to Australia, she always wanted to come and visit me. She recently completed her bachelors and started demanding to come to me. Her parents agreed and I also live in a nice house now, so there was no issue at all for her coming. She is 23 years old and I am 26.

Anyways after everything was finalized, she finally reached here. When I went to receive at the airport, I was so surprised to see her.

I was seeing her after 4 years and she was looking like a sex bomb. She saw me and came running to me and jumped and hugged me. I was feeling so excited and special because people around me must be thinking that she is my girlfriend. The thought gave me arousal as well!

I came back to my senses and asked if she wants to eat or drink anything. She was tired and wanted to go home, so we left from there. She was over the clouds seeing Australia and was taking pics and everything.

We caught up along the way and in between, I was taking a glimpse of her thighs. First, I was feeling ashamed as she was my sister but then I thought I have been fucking my bhabhi even (previous stories), so how different can this be. Plus, I was only looking and not making any move, so it was fine.

We finally reached home and she went to sleep. She woke up around 8 pm and took a bath. She asked me about the dinner plans and I told her it is up to her. She wanted to go out for dinner and I agreed and she went in to get changed.

When she came out, she was looking so gorgeous. She wore a black crop top and a blue short with high heels. She made her hair and was looking like a model. I also dressed nicely to compliment her, and we went to the city for dinner.

After dinner, she wanted to explore more so we went to a casino. I know a few games very well as I keep visiting the casino from time to time. She was impressed by my gaming skills and we both were behaving like very very close friends.

We were hugging and touching which never was the case back in India. I asked her, “Do you drink beer or anything? Like, if you want to have something, you can. No need to worry about parents.”.

After some hesitation, she said, “ok, I can have 1 beer but don’t tell mummy or papa or anyone”. I said, “it’s totally cool and you can drink as much as you want. I’m here to take care of you and you are on holiday, so relax and enjoy.” she got so excited that she jumped again and hugged me.

At around 3 am, we both were drunk so we decided to go home. My car was in the parking, but I could not drive so we booked a taxi. We both sat in the back and as soon as the car started to move, she fell in my lap.

She said, “I am so lucky to have a guy like you to take care of me at this time. It is only the first day and you are already making me feel comfortable and special.”

I said, “Shut up and chill. No need to do drama for anything. You are my responsibility and I can handle you well.”

She started smiling and got up from my lap and hugged me tightly. She did not leave me till we reached home. I was so aroused but afraid to make any move.

On entering the house, I gathered courage and asked, “Hey Rashi, what if today instead of me you were with one of your friends and all this same have happened?”

I started sweating and I knew it was a very stupid question and a cheesy one as well. She looked at me and came closer to me. She looked into my eyes and said, “I would have got laid with you and made you feel special and comfortable as you did to me.”

I was shocked to hear this and was confused if it was a green signal or not. I leaned forward a little bit and kissed on her lips. She did not move at all and I went back. Before I could see her reaction, she jumped on me again and started kissing wildly. I groped her ass with my hands, and she has the softest ass cheeks I ever felt with my hands.

I kissed her lips and neck again and again. I picked her up and took to the bedroom. I threw her on the bed and removed my clothes.

She was watching me with lusty eyes and waiting. I jumped on her and started kissing her everywhere. I pulled her top and tore it. Her boobs were about to come out of the bra. I grabbed both the melons and she let out a loud moan.

“Now you are looking like a bitch and I will fuck you like one as well.”

I removed the bra and slapped on one boob again. “Aaaaaaaaaa maaaaaaaaa..yo mother fucker, don’t beat me.”

She bit me near the neck and started kissing again. I broke the kiss and went down kissing and licking her body slowly. I turned her around and started removing her short very slowly.

As the short was sliding down, I was licking and trying to bite her on the ass cheeks. Finally, I removed her panty and there was the best ass in front of me. I took a large bite of the ass cheeks and bit her. She screamed loudly, “Oooooooouuuuuuuuch.. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. Noooooo, please don’t bite”.

I turned her again and started sucking her boobs one by one. My hands were on her ass and hers were exploring my body from the back.

“Please fuck me brother, please pleeeeeeeeeaaaase,” I bit her nipple. I went down to her pussy. It was clean shaved and smelled so toxic. I started eating her pussy and she was moaning loud now.

“Don’t stop..Faster.. Faster..aaaaaahhhhh you son of a bitch please fuck me.. Aaaaaaahhhhhh..”

I was kissing her inner thighs and pussy and everywhere near around. Then she started pulling my hairs a lot and I knew could cum anytime soon. So, I started kissing her on lips and she started abusing again. She wanted to get my dick badly and took it herself and asked me to push it.

Cousin Rashi Having Fun With Elder Brother

I was too horny and decided to give her another push. As she took my dick to her pussy entrance, I gave a big push and it went straight inside. Tears came from her eyes, but she held her scream and pinched her nails in my back. I couldn’t control anymore myself, so I started fucking her hard and rough.

“Aaaaaaahhhhh.. Aaaaaaahhhhh.. Keeeeeep gooooooiiiiing.. Aaaahhhhh.. faaaaaasteeeeerrr.. Aaaaaaaaaaaa.”

She kept moaning and screaming. I increased my speed and released all my load inside her. She came before me almost at the same time. She didn’t move for around 5-10 minutes and was lying there like a dead body but only breathing very fast.

I enjoyed every moment of it as well. It wasn’t safe sex then, but I got her pills the next morning.

We enjoyed a lot throughout her vacation and we traveled as well.

I hope you liked the story and don’t forget to give me feedback. Any girl, women wanted to have a nice time can contact through email – [email protected]