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Helping mallu neighbour aunty to park car

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So ISS, this is my first time posting a story here. I have been reading ISS for quite some time now and I love most of the fantasies that are posted here. I am posting my first real experience here.

So ISS, this is my first time posting a story here. I have been reading ISS for quite some time now and I love most of the fantasies that are posted here. I am posting my first real experience here. Do bear with me for any mistakes I have made below. Enjoy!

I am a medium-built guy with a good-size dick, 24 years old, doing engineering. This happened about 4 years back when I was in college. I had a license at this point and I was considered a good driver among my relatives.

I was returning from college by scooter and I was opening the gates of my house when I heard my name being called by Sreeja aunty. Sreeja aunty was my neighbour, around 45 years old and she had two kids of which one of them is my age.

Sreeja aunty was like a regular aunty, a bit chubby, with a large ass and perfectly-shaped large boobs, wheatish in color as any typical Indian aunty.

Coming back to the story – she was wearing a brown saree as she was coming back from a wedding. I had the habit of checking out the side-navel and boobs of aunties wearing saree and oh boy, it was beautiful!

My neighbour aunty’s boobs were tight along the blouse and one could easily figure out the size of her boobs. And her wheatish navel showing more than enough skin was making me drool in my mind.

Sreeja aunty: Mone, njan vandi park cheythekunnathu correct ano ennu nokkamo? (Dear, could you check if I have parked the car correctly or not?)

My neighbour aunty had to park her car outside as her garage had another car in it. I agreed and I went with her to the parking space which was a deserted lane with a steetlight at the far end. It was around 7 pm and was already dark.

Me: Aunty, ithu roadilottu irangi kidakkuvanu. Vere vandi vannal block aakum( Aunty, the car is blocking the road as it is parked incorrectly).

Sreeja Aunty: Ayoo mone, onnu ente koode side seatil irunnu sahayikkamo? Njan ottakku eduthal chilappol mathil thattum. Mone kond edukkan paranjal njan padikkilla (Ohh, dear could help me by navigating from the side-seat? I’m still learning as you see and if I let you drive, I won’t learn).

In the car, as Sreeja aunty was checking the mirror now and then, I couldn’t resist checking out her navel. At one point, one of her boobs just showed out from her pallu and I was almost tempted to grab it!

I raised my hand and was about to grab her boob (I wouldn’t grab it actually as I intended to back out my hand as soon she would turn) but suddenly, she stomped the brakes! And as for a support, I grabbed aunty’s boob!!

She suddenly turned her head from the mirror and looked at me with a confused and anger-look on her face. I knew I was about to get slapped. Knowing I would get slapped anyway, I just squeezed her boob! To my surprise, my neighbor aunty just looked at me without changing her expression.

Me: Aunty, sorry. Oru abhadhathil balancinu pidichatha. (Sorry aunty, I grabbed it by accident for support)

Sreeja aunty: Enngil pinne vidathathu entha? (Then, why aren’t you letting it go?)

I was still holding her boob. And seeing as she wasn’t resisting, I continued to squeeze it and said –

Me: Athu pinne aunty..Enikk auntiye kure nalayitt ishtama, Oru thavana enkilum aunty ente koode cheyumo. Njan arodum parayilla. Please, aunty! (Aunty, I love you for a long time. Just for this one time, do it with me. I won’t tell anyone. Please, aunty).

My milf neighbour paused for a minute and then raised her hand and placed it above my jeans and rubbed my dick over the jeans. Seeing my huge bulge, she gave a giggle.

Sreeja aunty: Enthada ithu, kodi maramo? (What is this, dear? A flag pole?)

Me: Thurannu nokk, enaale ariyu,aunty. (Open it and you will see, aunty).

I was massaging Sreeja aunty’s boobs and navel through the side of her blouse and with my other hand, I removed her pallu. Oh my God. It was amazing!

My horny mallu neighbour aunty now opened the zip and my dick was pushing against my underwear. Aunty smelled my dick and started licking it before swallowing it as a whole. She had experience in this and I was still an amateur.

Helping mallu neighbour aunty to park car

Aunty was swirling my dick inside her mouth with her tongue and I would have almost moaned out loud! Then I pulled both our seats back and made the slutty aunty sit in a missionary position towards the backseat.

Then I raised her pallu skirt along with her underskirt to her stomach to see her ass. She was wearing a white panty. I removed that while she removed her blouse and white bra.

We both got naked and I started licking my married neighbor aunty’s pussy and asshole. She was already wet and this made me out of control.

I bit her asscheek playfully and continued licking and went on to her navel. I pushed my face along her navel while licking the side of her large boobs and navel. I started sucking her boobs but I was getting very hard and I wanted to try her pussy.

So, after that, I positioned my dick at the horny aunty’s pussy without any condom as I wanted to feel a pussy raw for the first time. As it entered, I felt it was both hot and wet, truly unexplainable!

I rammed my dick in whole in the second attempt itself and started humping the big boobed mallu aunty. Each second, I would grab her huge bouncing boobs and squeeze them hard and aunty would moan,

“Ahh…mone..pettanu.. pettannu… Inn njan ninakk ullatha.. Ahhhh!!! (Ahh dear..Faster…Faster.. I am all yours today..Ahhh!!!)

After 10 minutes of fucking inside the car, I unloaded my hot jizz in that Kerala aunty’s pussy. Then we both sat on the back seat while I sucked on her breasts with one side of her blouse open. And while I did that, she was grabbing my dick and jerking it for me.

After that incident, we had multiple sessions of sex in which we were almost got caught by her husband. But that is for another story.

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