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Hot office lady makes me cum in front of a sexy Gurgaon model!

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Here is the thing, you guys, you may not see a hot lady getting fucked on the office desk like those in the porn videos. But if you observe carefully, you will see that every action and reaction from

Here is the thing, you guys, you may not see a hot lady getting fucked on the office desk like those in the porn videos. But if you observe carefully, you will see that every action and reaction from the hot lady in the office is teasing all the dicks that are aroused in her surroundings.

I am a 24-year-old guy who works in a call centre and would like to share a fascinating incident with you.

The call centre culture mostly attracts young ladies who are cunning, loud-mouthed and fantasize about fucking guys with a strap-on dick. It takes an authoritative position to tame these types of ladies. The only time when they will change their stance is during an interview.

Last year, one such lady had visited our call centre. I was not at all surprised when the male interviewees kept ogling her from the corner of their eyes. The lady possessed such a level of beauty that the security guard kept coming inside the office corridor area for one reason or another.

I was able to get a good sight of the lady from my workstation which was adjacent to the reception area and separated by a glass panel. Her dressing sense made her look like a high-priced prostitute rather than someone who has come for an interview.

The lady had worn tight jeans which displayed the shape of her big ass, a skin-tight t-shirt that didn’t cover her belly region and held her voluptuous boobs together tightly. Whilst filling-in a form on the reception desk, she had dropped her pen.

When picking it up, she gave a mouth dropping view of her polka dot white panty along with a more accurate view of the shape of her tight ass. If it wasn’t for the tight jeans that I was wearing, I would have jerked off to that hypnotic incident.

After a few minutes, the lady walked into the meeting room where the interview was held. I envied my supervisor who had the luck of interviewing this hot lady. But then it occurred to me that if she gets selected, she will be a part of my team. Soon, the heart-breaking news arrived.

Alas! The hot bitch couldn’t crack the interview. I came to know that she was too dumb to even for a local call centre like ours. My supervisor who was on friendly terms with my team-leader told him who later told me that she should try her luck in an escort agency.

That night, I went to bed with mixed feelings. When I thought about that hot lady, I got a tight erection. But the moment I thought about her interview, I became sad and lost my erection. I pulled my phone from the charging point and began to stream porn videos.

Instead of opening the most viewed porn video on another tab, I selected it. Although it opened that video on a new page, the main page was redirected. The main page showed a website called “Delhi Sex Chat.” The attractive webpage had increased my curiosity.

As I went through the website, I saw numerous girls wearing seducing attires as though they were luring in horny guys. To my surprise, it turned out to be exactly that! I understood that this site satisfied excited guys’ lust with the help of its open-minded webcam models via live video sex chat sessions.

I began to go through the list of sexy webcam models. While scrolling down the webpage, a curvaceous webcam model named Nayshaa (21-year-old, Gurgaon) caught my lust-filled eyes. I went to her profile and saw her breath-taking images in lingerie.

Nayshaa’s bold attitude and buxom body figure reminded me of the hot lady in my call centre. I knew that I had to have live video sex chat with her to release the sexual tension in my body. I selected the XXX chat option and proceeded to make the payment for credit points.

I used my credit card details to complete the transaction and initiate the live sex chat session. Soon, Nayshaa showed up on my mobile screen. My dick – which was pulsating a few minutes before when I was looking at the webcam models – lost some of its stiffness.

Nayshaa: (Watching me playing with my dick to gain an erection) Why are you torturing that poor cock? Oh! I feel so bad for him.

Me: I’m not torturing it. I want to make it stiff, that’s all.

Nayshaa: I’m a cock expert baby and I can tell you that your cock is doing fine. Just give it some time, allow it to feel the magic of my body and then see how tight and long it grows.

Nayshaa’s friendly voice had a soothing effect on my animated nerves. I felt a sudden change in my heartbeat when she showed her concern towards my dick. Briefly, I made her aware of the situation the hot lady in the call centre had left me in.

In no time, Nayshaa came up with a kinky idea to help me satisfy my raging urge to fuck that hot lady whom I saw in my call centre. She explained to me how I must react to her actions.

After quickly changing her clothes based on my description, she was ready to sexually stimulate my dick.

Nayshaa re-arranged the items in her room and with a swift pace, she set up the interview scene in front of the webcam.

Standing slightly far away from the webcam, Nayshaa asked for permission to enter the room. When I asked her to come inside, she approached the table by performing a captivating catwalk.

Me: Wow! Your physical personality surely is attractive. Now let me see how fit you are mentally for this job position.

I asked how she would react in a typical customer service scenario where an angry customer is talking rudely because his requirements were not met.

Nayshaa: Obviously, I’ll tell him to calm down, but if that didn’t work, I’ll show my big boobs (Pressed her boobs against one another).

Me: To the customer? You are speaking on the phone…

Nayshaa: No.. (Playing with her boobs) I’ll show my boobs to my lovely manager who will forgive me for disconnecting the angry customer’s phone call midway.

Nayshaa had lifted her tight T-shirt by now and there was no bra to delay the intensity. Her firm tits bounced as she pulled her T-shirt. She began to play with her nipples and make seducing facial expression as though she were teasing me to pounce on her.

Me: I truly admire those natural breasts, but this job position is for a customer care executive.

Nayshaa: I’m sure you will find a way to keep me around you (Winked). You keep thinking whilst these puppies play on your face.

Nayshaa got up and stood in front of the chair. She leaned forward and started rubbing her boobs against each other. My dick which had lost some of its erection returned to its ragingly stiff position once again.

Me: Your juicy boobs have given me an idea, but it’s still not clear in its detail. If you could be more playful in your approach, then…

The desi cam girl placed a long thick dildo which was supported by a testicle shaped base on the chair. She then kneeled down and began to rub the dildo between her breasts.

Hot office lady makes me cum in front of a sexy Gurgaon model!

Nayshaa: I can help you get the required idea in its complete detail, but I’m not sure if this is a good place.

Me: Go ahead. No one is going to disturb us.

Nayshaa spat on the dildo and moved her lips on it speedily. After getting the dildo moist with her saliva, she began to suck it with aggression.

Me: Oh yes! I can feel the idea is coming to me in detail. Just like, keep moving.… oh!

Nayshaa’s soft pleasurable moans changed into loud excited gasps. Whilst slurping on the entire length of the dildo, she occasionally choked on it. Her eyes became watery as she continued sucking on the dildo.

Nayshaa: Still didn’t get that idea? Alright, let me shake this booty for you. I’m sure this will get it out in no time.

Nayshaa turned around and pulled down her tight jeans. Part of her white panty was stuck in her tight ass crack. She yanked it out by shoving the tip of her index finger in her ass crack.

Swinging her tight curvy ass in a serpentine motion, Nayshaa slowly pulled down her panty. She exposed her brown ass which sent a shockwave of lust at me. I had never felt my dick and balls go that stiff before.

Continuing with her erotic dance, she slapped her ass cheeks one by one. By timing her movements correctly, she pulled her ass cheeks and displayed her stretched dark asshole. The moment she playfully and quite gently pulled her ass cheeks using the tip of her fingers, I felt a wild urge to jerk off.

That teasing ass cheek trick had taken my hand out of control. It kept on jerking my dick till it shot out a thick load of hot cum on the bed. I was breathing heavily and Nayshaa continued with her movement a little longer before she realised what had occurred.

Nayshaa: That’s the idea I was looking for (giggled).

We continued chatting for a few minutes before the session expired. Nayshaa told me that she would like to have that interview again. I too assured her that I will return soon to complete the interview.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading and masturbating to my story.

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Hot office lady makes me cum in front of a sexy Gurgaon model!