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Mallu Girl And Beggar Saga – Part 2

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Hi guys, this is mallu girl Jenny back with the second part of the story. Read the first part before reading this part. I got a lot of responses for my previous story. Thank you guys for your support

Hi guys, this is mallu girl Jenny back with the second part of the story. Read the first part before reading this part. I got a lot of responses for my previous story. Thank you guys for your support. I have made changes on the basis of your response. I hope you like this story too.

There are conversations in this part which are exchanged in Malayalam and translated it for the ease of understanding.

After the incident with the beggar, my lust increased and I started to masturbate thinking the beggar’s cock sliding in and out of my pussy.

My grandparents went to the hospital and I was left at home with our maid. She was in her 40s. I spent my days chatting with my maid and watching porn and masturbating.

Two days after the incident with the beggar, at noon while I was surfing on the Pornhub website, I heard someone calling, “Amma vallom tharane” (“Madam, give me something”).

I went to the balcony, it was the same beggar. I don’t know what happened to me, I started feeling horny.

Our maid opened the door. I saw a disappointment in his eyes. I know that he expected me to open the door. I was really happy to see him again.

Without wasting any time, I went to the sit-out of the house. When the beggar saw me, he had a spark in his eyes and a sexy expression on his face. He was staring at my body.

The maid came with a 20 Rs note. I bought the note from her hands and told her to leave. When she left, I went near the beggar. We both exchanged a dirty evil smile!

I told him that there was a storeroom in the middle of the rubber estate and I asked him to wait there. He just smiled and left. The storeroom was used to store rubber sheets, it was like a small old house.

I quickly went to my room for changing my clothes. I wore a tight old blouse of my grandmother and a mundu (it’s a kind of lungi). I choose not to wear any bra or panty.

The blouse and mundu are the traditional dress of Kerala. The main advantage of the dress is that it does not cover your navel. I looked like a vintage mallu heroine! I know that it will be enough to tease the old beggar.

The blouse was so tight that my boobs looked like a balloon, ready to blow. Then I wore my regular t-shirt and a long skirt over it. I told my maid that I was going to my friend’s house. Without wasting any time, I took the storeroom’s key and left.

The beggar was waiting there for me. He looked at me and got up holding his bag.

I opened the storeroom and we both went inside. I asked him to sit on the floor and wait. He obeyed. I went outside and removed my t-shirt and skirt. Now I was only wearing a blouse and mundu. I went inside the storeroom and locked the door.

The beggar was stunned and surprised to see me in such a sexy and traditional outfit. His eyes were burning with lust.

I sat near him and asked his name. He told me that his name is “Kovalan.”

He asked my name and I told him to call me whatever he likes. He said that he will call me “Shakeela” (she is a vintage mallu porn actress). I said, okay. Even though he had a fatty cock, he was very soft and polite while talking.

He placed his hands around my navel and asked me why I was interested in an old beggar like him. I replied that I like old ugly men.

Since he was too slow, I took the initiative. I asked him to remove his lungi. The old beggar obeyed me and he was fully nude now. His thick cock was standing a pole.

I placed my hand over his cock and started to stroke it. In response, he placed both hands over my blouse and squeezed my boobs. I was making sounds like, “Aaaaaahhhhh” “uuuuuufff” etc..

Soon, my pussy started to leak. He asked my permission for a kiss. I told him that if he wants to kiss, he must do something first.

I removed my mundu and shifted my nude ass towards him. I asked him to give me ten slaps on my both bums. He was surprised but he took position and started to slap my bums! It was really exciting and he made my bums reddish in color.

Then the old beggar bought his face near my face and kissed all over my face. Then he kissed my neck. Slowly, he placed his lips over my lips and our tongues danced in each other’s mouth.

We kissed for about 10 minutes and we broke the kiss. He sucked my chin.

Then I bought his cock near my nose and smelled it. It smelled of piss and it was a really bad smell. But I placed the old beggar’s dirty cock inside my mouth anyway and started to suck it. I kept sucking his cock and balls for some time.

Then I brought his face near my pussy. He licked my pussy like a pro and inserted his tongue inside my virgin pussy and sucked it. While licking my pussy, the ugly beggar placed his hands over my boobs and squeezed them. With his hands, he ripped my blouse and my mango-like sexy mallu boobs were finally free.

He placed his mouth over my boobs and started sucking my big round boobs.

After a few minutes, the horny Keralite beggar made me lie down on the floor. He placed his cock over my mouth and fucked my mouth for some time.

After a good session of mouth-fucking, the beggar removed his cock, which was full of my saliva. He gave me a kiss and then placed his cock over my pussy lips. He rubbed his cock over my pussy lips. I placed my hands over his cock and stopped him.

I told the old beggar that I was a virgin and I will not allow him to fuck my pussy. He was disappointed and was trying to stand up. But I made him lie down on the floor and I sat on his belly. We were in a cowgirl position. I gave him a deep lip to lip kiss.

Then I placed my pussy lips over his cock and rubbed his cock against my pussy lips. I told him that I must stay a virgin till my marriage so I cannot let him broke my hymen.

He replied that “Amma, njan ningale nirbhanthikkilla, pakshe kunna poottil keri irakkana sughamanu yathartha sugham.. Bhaki ningalude ishtam” (Mam, I will not force you but the pleasure of cock sliding in and out of pussy is amazing. It’s your choice).

I told him no and said, “I cannot let you fuck my pussy but you can fuck my virgin asshole if you want..”

The old beggar was happy and excited and said that he never enjoyed anal sex in his life. He made me sit on doggy position and licked my asshole.

He inserted his finger middle finger inside my mouth and then inserted it inside my asshole. He was finger fucking my ass. He then spat deep inside my ass hole and inserted his second finger, later his third finger.

He made me suck his cock again. I spat on his cock and made it well-lubricated. He then filled my ass hole with his saliva. He placed his dick over my bums and rubbed his cock over my asshole.

The beggar slowly inserted his thick cock inside my tight ass hole. I was crying in pain. He managed to enter quarter of his cock with the first push and half of his cock with the second push. His cock fully entered my ass hole with the fourth push. The beggar slowly started to fuck my asshole.

Gradually, he increased the speed of the strokes. I was crying in pain, “Aaaahhhhhh, uuuuuufffff, slowly aaahhhh..”

I slowly started to feel pleasure. My pussy was leaking due to the erotic ass-fucking. Then we changed the position to missionary.

Mallu Girl And Beggar Saga – Part 2

While fucking my ass, the beggar kissed my lips, sucked my boobs and he squeezed them. He then squeezed my boobs with one hand and rubbed and finger-fucked my pussy with another hand while fucking my ass. I cummed three times!

He then said that he was about to cum. I told him to cum inside my ass.

He emptied his hot semen inside my ass hole. He removed his cock from my ass, it was covered with his semen and pieces of shit from my ass.

We were exhausted. We lied on the floor, hugging each other for almost one hour.

Later we got up and dressed and he said that he was very thankful to me for spending time with him. I then gave him the Rs 20 and a lip to lip kiss and went home. I hope you enjoyed the story. Please forgive me for the mistakes. The story continues in the next part with how I lost my virginity and more kinky stuff!

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